Stranger On The Court

It was a day just like any other day. I put on my outfit, I roll up my arm sleeve, and I take it down to the court. I was not surprised to see my old teammates from ‘Shams’ coming to practice, the new coacing staff is not guaranteeing any roster spots the coming seasons. So, young players like them and like me start to look for a chance to play ball in any other club rather than their own clubs that they grew up in. That’s how things go on the pro level.

Anyway, I got on the floor for the first time on a new court, with new people, playing the old game that played since I was 9. While growing up playing this game of basketball, I witnessed a lot of failures more than successes. I admit it, but it wasn’t because I was not a good player or I’m not working hard or I wasn’t worthy of becoming ‘A’ player or something like that, No. It was all about fate. Yes, It was written. I had nothing I could do except living with the situation and trying to deal with it. Had a lot of injuries, including a ‘career-ending ‘ one, but managed to survive it El-Hamdoulillah. Got a good share of unfair coaches and unstable family issues, but I couldn’t give up. I just kept doing what I do. It was fun for a moment there, till I grew up to this point where I’m seeking to literally ‘Make-it-Pro’.

For a player of my standards, I should be playing a position on the court that combines  great court vision with excellent ball handling, playmaking and leadership skills. It has been quite sometime since I got into a real 5-on-5 scrimmage. Maybe I need some individual work, but that doesn’t mean I’m not up to this point to make it to the PROs. Working on my ball handling, speed and passing won’t be a dilemma, the thing is about leadership and self-confidence. I missed those features throughout my journey to the rim. That, caused me to feel like a stranger on the basketball court. Someone who doesn’t know even what the game of basketball is about.

You can find a player who may have the game running in his veins, but without confidence that he is the best out there. The result; EPIC FAILURE. Some people said throughout the journey that I don’t belong there; some of them were the backbone of my basketball world. That brought me down so hard, after they believed in me they are letting me away.  But I believe I got game, maybe some self-confidence have been robbed from my heart along the way,  I’m gonna go and get back. See you there.


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