Man, Do you have any idea how much time I took to make this decision to tryout for the blogger job ? I mean, it’s not something to tryout for, but, I mean, I’ve been thinking for a lot of time to start my own blog. Every time the thought comes to mind it ends up being lazy to just write down what’s on my mind. I used to have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things in life, and I used to talk to myself about it instead of writing it down because I was so laid back then. I don’t know whether it will end up with me being a real blogger with his ideas effective on the network (honestly, I found a lot of bloggers were not up to the occasion when it mattered). Yet, there are very respectful bunch of bloggers that have the very sense of style, elegance and most importantly patriotism.

I hope this blog to be my window to the world, to share ideas and thoughts, to share experiences, to ask questions and seek answers, to make friends. I’ll be trying to post about everything possible to be posted about, EVERYTHING. I hope to make this tryout a successful one Insha’Allah. In more posts to come, you’ll know me a little bit better. Untill then, Peace.


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